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The KG-Series

KG switches are excellent switch disconnectors. They have high through fault and fault making capabilities and are especially designed for use as main switches and maintenance switches for machine tools, distribution panels and switchboards.

KG-switches are extremely compact while featuring unusually large isolation distances between open contacts for maximum safety. KG ON/OFF switches offer unusually high dimensioned clearance and creepage distances between terminals which are designed for time saving "straight-line" wiring. Forced opening and closing main contacts are standard.

Main Switches and Main Switches with Emergency Function are supplied with a padlockable handle and protective cover for all the incoming terminals for switch types up to KG315. KG210, KG250 and KG315 are also supplied with protective covers on the outgoing terminals.

Main switches are fitted with black handles. Main switches with emergency function are supplied with red handles and contrasting yellow face plate.

fb Catalog 500: Main Switches, Maintenance Switches, Switch Disconnectors
fb Catalog 150: KG/KH-Switches: 20A - 315A